The specific needs of educators and those who work with young people through youth-serving organizations are a strong focus of Beyond Conflict 2013 Nov. 7-10 in Brookfield, Wis.

The conference begins with V-School, a daylong training session on Thursday, Nov. 7, geared toward educators and youth-serving professionals. National trainers will teach Verbal Defense & Influence within the context of a school and youth setting. During the next two days of the conference, a number of breakout sessions focus specifically on youth-related issues:

—    Taking A.C.T.I.O.N. Learn the personal safety, communication, and bystander intervention skills developed by Vistelar Consultant Jill Weisensel that that will help keep yourself and others physically and emotionally safer.
—    Are you a bully magnet? Chan Lee and Jill Weisensel team up in this presentation to provide street-smart bullying prevention strategies around. They will discuss the importance of “just-right assertiveness” and how to teach it.
—    Responsive proxemics: How do you read the warning signs of body language and move appropriately to get out of harm’s way? Get ready for awareness-building and practical activities.
—    Building a bridge over personal differences: When someone dismisses, manipulates or misinterprets your words, it may be due to differences in culture or gender. Get some perspective and become more effective with Vistelar consultant Peter Harrell, Jr.
—    Shutting down verbal resistance: Learn how to deal with difficult people through redirection and persuasion, in your interactions with employees, customers (and yes, your own teen-agers).
—    Engaging the marginalized: The elderly, the young and those with special need are often left on the sidelines. Understand the communications strategies that encourage independence and autonomy.

Beyond Conflict 2013 will be held Nov. 7-10, 2013, at the Brookfield Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield, Wis. The conference explores the many applications of the Verbal Defense & Influence conflict management strategies taught by the Vistelar Group. The conference is open to the public.