Holiday Greetings to all of our readers.

As we celebrate the holidays with our families, let’s take a moment to think about those people who are less fortunate than us.   Take homeless persons as an example of people less fortunate than many of us.   Radio Health Journal recently did a program on the topic of Brain Based Injuries and Homelessness.  They discussed the possible factors that can lead to homelessness.   One of these factors was brain injuries.   We know that brain injuries can be a factor leading to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) in our veterans.   We know that many veterans are homeless.   This audiotape discussion of the relationship between brain injuries and homelessness when coupled with plight of many of our veterans raise the possibility of an an interesting relationship between veterans and homelessness.   Listen to the audiotape and give us your comments.

Please do what you can do to support our homeless and our veterans in this time of holiday giving and remembrance.