This is Gary Klugiewicz with a great Peace Story video sent to us by Clifford Abel, a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor who works in the security department of Broward College in Florida.  His story demonstrates the power of the Universal Greeting in initiating a positive contact that allows for the building of rapport that leads to the gathering of information that can prevent and/or reduce conflict.   Clifford approached a student involved in a verbal conflict with another student at the Broward College campus.  These contacts can either take place in a defensive or supportive atmosphere, i.e., the person being approached can either think about this approach as either being a positive or negative contact.  As is often is the case when a person in authority approaches a person unknown to them, the person reacts to the person in authority in a defense way and conflict can begin.   Clifford’s application of the Universal Greeting, Redirection,  Beyond Active Listening, and the Persuasion Tactics allowed for the change from a defensive atmosphere to a supportive one.  Watch the Video and see Clifford work his magic.

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