Last week I spent 3 days at the Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin getting my left hip replacement replaced.  My hip had started squeaking a week prior to my operation.  Yes, squeaking that could be easily be heard by people near me.  The doctor told me that my hip was highly worn, had started squeaking, and needed to be replaced.  My hip that was first replaced 8 year ago had worn out.  I wonder how that happened.  Go tell.  I have to say that my operation was completely successful and my stay at the hospital was most enjoyable.  I would like to present a “shout out” the hospital’s staff for a job well done.   I loved the daily staff board pictured below that told you who would be your staff on this shift.  This helped the patient and staff to bond together by personalizing their contact.  Staff also introduced themselves from the doctors to the housekeeping staff.  This introduction answered several important questions for the patient that includes who are you, who do you represent, why are you here, and a relevant question.   This introduction help to set up pleasant and productive interactions.

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I would like to thank all of the hospital staff from the clerical staff that checked me in, to the doctors, nurses, and med techs who treated me, to the food service and housekeeping staff who took care of me.   I would like to present all of them a TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT Card that is pictured below.

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They certainly know how to treat their patients with dignity and show them respect utilizing the Five Maxims that are also posted below.

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One of the components of the Five Maxims that they performed best was the second component that states the you should explain why you are asking someone to do something.   Setting Context helps the person understand why they need to go with the program.  This was done verbally in their interactions with me and in signage like the sign posted below: QUIET PLEASE – Healing Zone.  Instead of tell the person to BE QUIET because I say so, the sign explains the reason why.  QUIET PLEASE – This is a healing zone where your loved ones and other people loved ones are healing and need quiet atmosphere to do so.  This sign gives a visual aid to keep the noise down that can be used to emphasize and explain why.  This is a powerful tool of explanation and persuasion.

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Again thanks to John, Jessica, Kamila, Susie, Chris, Katie, Betty, Jennifer, Beth, Dave, Glenda. Stephanie, Joan, Jamie, Caleb, and any other staff members that I have missed for making my stay so positive, supportive, and successful.

You truly know how to treat people right.