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Arma Training Edged Weapons Agency Wide Instructor Program

Dave Young here. Inmates are the masters at developing and using improvised weapons. Every year corrections officers seize hundreds of improvised weapons confiscated inside their facilities. Everything from a file down comb to sharpen toothbrush to melted down plastic ware.  There is no limit is their imagination. Your safety depends…Continue Reading »

Mall Safety Tip: Staying Safe in Large Crowds

Getting lost in the crowd is easy – not knowing how to manage your safety in large violent crowds can get you killed. Being able to protect yourself and your family starts with the ability to increase your own level of awareness, educate yourself on what to look for, and…Continue Reading »

Correctional Contact Professionals: Proper Response Requires …

Gary Klugiewicz and I will be training with the Alaska Department of Corrections all week.   We will be teaching our Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class in Palmer, Alaska.   This training will be emphasizing the first half of Vistelar’s training curriculum that trains correctional contact professional i non-escalation and de-escalation…Continue Reading »

Surviving an ambush of a police officer: What to know

Hello, This is Dave Young,  I am the director of training for Arma Training for Vistelar. What does it take to survive a sudden physical assault from multiple subjects? Watch the the article link and then read my commentary below. Remain Alert, Be Decisive and Have a preplanned response…Continue Reading »