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What Type of Instructor are You?

Hello, This is Gary Klugiewicz. I am the director of training for Verbal Defense & Influence that I recently had an phone conversation with Doug Lynch, one of our Vistelar Trainers.  He asked an an important question about the difference types of instructors that I wanted to share with you….Continue Reading »

​Free Sample of Our Success

Respect, Vistelar

Hello, Doug Lynch, checking in from our Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor class in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been honored to spend most of this week with Protectors of the Public from around the country. In my 20+ years in public service, I have come to firmly believe that…Continue Reading »


Hello, Doug Lynch here, Consultant and Trainer with Vistelar. One of the techniques we train students on in Verbal Defense and Influence is ‘Showtime” originally developed by Andrew Garrison and further developed by Gary Klugiewicz, it is a method of getting yourself in the right mindset and looking good professional…Continue Reading »

The Wrong Guys!

Cops Police Public Safety Gun

The Wrong Guys! Doug Lynch here with Verbal Defense and Influence. I would like to share a story from my time as a Deputy at Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and how an incident that could have turned out much worse actually turned into a positive public interaction. I was patrolling…Continue Reading »

Mouth Memory

Hello, Doug Lynch with Vistelar here. You may be familiar with the term “muscle memory”, a bit of a misnomer, it is a term used to describe repeating physical movements until they become second nature and one is able to perform them without having to think thru the movement. It…Continue Reading »