Addressing The Entire Spectrum Of Human Conflict


What Type of Instructor are You?

Hello, This is Gary Klugiewicz. I am the director of training for Verbal Defense & Influence that I recently had an phone conversation with Doug Lynch, one of our Vistelar Trainers.  He asked an an important question about the difference types of instructors that I wanted to share with you….Continue Reading »

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A Missed Opportunity (or two)

Kati Tillema here. If you are a sports fan, and specifically follow NBA basketball, you probably have heard of an incident that escalated among the New York Knicks owner, a former player, and event security. There are two sides (or more) to every story and it is impossible to ever…Continue Reading »


How to Non-escalate your next Loss Protection Customer Contact

Hello, This is Gary Klugiewicz. Check out the post that we found on the wall at a Roundy’s Supermarkets Loss Protection Workshop that Vistelar conducted last week in Madison, WI.  The poster says it all in terms of retail store customer services – especially when the contact deals with possible…Continue Reading »

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Success story

Hello, This is Gary Klugiewicz with a great Peace Story video sent to us by Clifford Abel, a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor who works in the security department of Broward College in Florida.  His story demonstrates the power of the Universal Greeting in initiating a positive contact that allows…Continue Reading »

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Rudeness can be perceived as racist

Hello. This is Gary Klugiewicz. I saw this electronic post a couple weeks ago and I have been thinking about it regularly.  I wanted to respond to it but didn’t know exactly how to do so.   The comment made by the chief in the original article linked below was that…Continue Reading »


Arma Training Edged Weapons Agency Wide Instructor Program

Dave Young here. Inmates are the masters at developing and using improvised weapons. Every year corrections officers seize hundreds of improvised weapons confiscated inside their facilities. Everything from a file down comb to sharpen toothbrush to melted down plastic ware.  There is no limit is their imagination. Your safety depends…Continue Reading »

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The Power of the SHOWTIME Mindset

Hello,  This is Gary Klugiewicz.  Dave Young and I are teaching a class next week at Access Services, a paratransit services company, located in El Monte, CA.   We will be training both law enforcement and transit professionals.  Watch for additional updates from the class. I wanted to share this e-mail…Continue Reading »


Mall Safety Tip: Staying Safe in Large Crowds

Getting lost in the crowd is easy – not knowing how to manage your safety in large violent crowds can get you killed. Being able to protect yourself and your family starts with the ability to increase your own level of awareness, educate yourself on what to look for, and…Continue Reading »

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Can Traumatic Brain Injuries lead to Homelessness?

Holiday Greetings to all of our readers. As we celebrate the holidays with our families, let’s take a moment to think about those people who are less fortunate than us.   Take homeless persons as an example of people less fortunate than many of us.   Radio Health Journal recently did a…Continue Reading »

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