Addressing The Entire Spectrum Of Human Conflict


Do 12-year-old girls really have to be so mean?

I am at once both blessed and cursed with a twelve year old daughter. It is a hard year. The girls are friends one moment, bitter enemies the next and back to being friends before I am even able to ask what’s at issue. I’ve heard so many of the…Continue Reading »

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Consider the consequences of bullying

I put these hypotheticals to my children: You and a friend are purposefully throwing rocks at a brick wall. You know you shouldn’t throw stones at the building … but as the rocks bounce harmlessly off it, you aren’t hurting anything. One of your rocks veers slightly and smashes through…Continue Reading »

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Bullying: Make it a personal issue

There is a lot of public outcry about bullying on the televised news, in the daily papers, and across the myriad Internet forums. It’s a popular lead, with plenty of shock value, drama and blame to go around. It’s the proverbial water cooler conversation. Did you see that story? Someone…Continue Reading »

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School nipped bullying in the bud

My son had only been in middle school a few days when I got a call from his teacher, telling me what had happened the afternoon beforehand on the playground. It was my son’s birthday, and three boys had been giving him “birthday punches” at recess. The teacher saw it…Continue Reading »

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