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How Much Danger Am I In?

Though it rarely occurs to anyone entering the healthcare field that they might experience high levels of conflict and violence, soon after beginning their clinical training, providers are taught to accept a culture of violence. That’s because the culture of healthcare embraces the belief that violence is part of the job.  From one certainly tragic…Continue Reading »


Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials: Introduction by Pete Jaskulski

I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching the Verbal Defense & Influence courses to different organizations throughout the United States, presenting to law enforcement agencies, corrections, and government agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration, Oregon Department of Agriculture, the United States military and the San Luis Obispo Transit Authority. The list of people…Continue Reading »


General Personal Awareness and Safety Tips

General Safety Tips – Always be aware of your surroundings. This includes realizing that you live in a “360 degree environment.” You should be constantly looking around. Be especially aware of your surroundings at times when you may be more vulnerable to an attack, such as when walking alone, when you have your headphones on,…Continue Reading »

Confidence in Conflict for Campus Life Amazon Book Reviews

“Confidence in Conflict for Campus Life was an incredible read! As a college student myself, I have to say that the author was spot-on with delivering real-world scenarios and not being too ‘preachy’. I’ve been to seminar upon seminar and read article upon article only to hear one common theme: Don’t let bad things happen…Continue Reading »

The Concept of Bystander Intervention

Amanda stood in the kitchen surrounded by at least thirty people, and she didn’t recognize a single one. Paul and Brian were trying to set up the keg and she realized she was going to have to drink or risk getting made fun of for the whole rest of the night. Desperately, she looked around…Continue Reading »

A Guy Walks in to a Movie Theater…

The Persuasion Sequence is effective regardless of the scale of the interaction. Let’s start with a minor scenario that some of us would struggle with: making initial contact with a stranger at the movie theater and assertively asking them to turn off their phone. 1. Ask don’t tell “Now that the movie has started, could…Continue Reading »

A Practical Approach to Threat Assessment

An excerpt from Vistelar Consultant, Jill Weisensel, M.S., in her book, Confidence In Conflict for Campus Life Amanda kept a close eye on the two unknown individuals that had now been following her for several blocks. She noticed that they were closing in on her, and that one of them kept holding his hand on…Continue Reading »

Treating One Another With Dignity By Showing Respect

An excerpt from Vistelar Consultant, Kathy Mangold, in her book, Confidence In Conflict For Everyday Life “In the midst of a disagreement, no one will budge from his or her viewpoint until there’s movement toward common ground. Until then, we’re all stuck. Unfortunately, we typically turn to our values to create our common ground–but that’s…Continue Reading »