Book Excerpts

“Confidence in Conflict for Campus Life was an incredible read! As a college student myself, I have to say that the author was spot-on with delivering real-world scenarios and not being too ‘preachy’. I’ve been to seminar upon seminar and read article upon article only to hear one common theme: Don’t let bad things happen to you. This book was incredibly refreshing as it was honest + raw, you most likely WILL find yourself in this situation and THIS is how to handle it.

I’m going definitely going to send this over to all of my friends and to my younger sister who will be entering college in the fall– every student (boy OR girl) should read this book before going on campus.”

– Kayli, 09/02/14

“I’ve worked at a university’s safety department for 17 years and can easily see how important this book is for all in-coming students to read. The book is a very easy, thorough read that applies to all college students, whether they will be will be spending their Friday nights out at parties or at the library. The skills are easy to apply to everyday life, both while on campus and going into life after college. The skills are the same ones we use every day as officers, but are made easy to understand. The scenarios and stories make the book easy to relate to. A must read!”

– Megan, 08/24/14

“This is a wonderful book! I understand that it is geared toward the college freshman, but anyone one can learn from this book. There are many examples that are applicable across the board. For instance, as a society, we’ve become so consumed buy our phones, that we fail to be aware of our surroundings. Our heads buried in the screen, yet failing to notice what is happening around us that should be sending out caution. The author points out things to look for, as well as giving you tools to deal with situations once you are in them. It’s a must read for both students heading away from home for the first time, as well as parents! Very well written advise for the multitude of new, uncomfortable, awkward, and just plain illegal situations a naive, trusting person may encounter.”

– Sue, 10/02/14

“College students and parents sending their kids to college NEED TO READ THIS and apply the things shared!!!!!!

Great book, educates, inspires, shares new ideas on personal safety for campus life. Outstanding job!!!”

– Dave, 08/31/14

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