Custom Onsite

Customize Conflict Management Training

Vistelar is a consulting and training institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

We deliver the training component of our business via both open enrollment programs (live and online) and closed enrollment programs, where our client provides the training facility and pays a set fee for a specific number of students.

Vistelar offers the following live training programs, which — in closed enrollment programs — we customize to meet a specific client’s needs.


  • Conflict Management For Gatekeeper Staff
  • Conflict Management For Contact Professionals
  • Conflict Management For Crisis First Responders

Physical Alternatives

  • Principles of Subject Control 1 & 2
  • Non-Lethal Weapons
  • Lethal Weapons
  • Over Specialty Courses

To get information about contracting with Vistelar to provide a customized conflict management training program for your agency, company, organization or group, please either call 877-690-8230 or fill out the form below.