Lunch and Learn

Let Us Bring Our Point-Of-Impact Conflict Management Training To Your Organization

… Along With Lunch



Vistelar is headquartered in Milwaukee but our trainers teach classes throughout the United States.

We regularly get requests for an overview of our conflict management tactics and we’ve found that our “lunch and learn” program is a great way to make that happen.

We do these for:

  • Organizations who are already a partner of Vistelar and are looking for a brief refresher/update on our training.
  • Organizations who want to be introduced to Vistelar point-of-impact conflict management training programs

Here is how this works.

1. We gather requests for a “lunch and learn” session via the form below (alternatively, you can just call — 877-690-8230)

2. If the request comes from an organization within driving distance of Milwaukee, we work with the requester to find a date and time that works (and can usually get something scheduled pretty quickly). Otherwise, we try to schedule something based on our trainers’ travel plans.

3.  At the scheduled date and time, we come to your organization for a one-hour session and bring along enough food for the people who will be in attendance. Although we call this program “lunch and learn,” we can do these sessions at other times depending on what works best for the requester.

At the session, we provide a 30 to 40-minute presentation that’s customized to best meet your needs.

Again, if you are interested in possibly having us come to your organization, please either fill out the form below or give us a call (877-690-8230).