Increase Team Achievement / Minimize Revenue Loss

Conflict occurs when there is an emotional reaction to disagreement. Poorly managed conflict is inevitable among players, coaches, officials and spectators at all sporting events and leads to…

  • Disrespect
  • Bullying
  • Emotional / physical violence

…resulting in…

  • Revenue loss
  • Reduced athletic achievement
  • Complaints,
  • Injuries
  • Liability
  • Spectator dissatisfaction
  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Damaged reputations

Although human conflict cannot be eradicated or avoided, it can be managed to reduce its negative consequences. That’s what we do at Vistelar. How?

By training to manage conflict by verbalizing in a non-escalatory and de-escalatory style that involves responding effectively to emotional or physical violent erupts.

This is effectively accomplished by using our distinguished and interactive/engaging training style. It’s been proven all over the world in the police, first responder, and many other markets – now adapted and proven effective in the sports industry.

Benefits of our Verbal Defense & Influence Training Program:

  • Reduce unnecessary revenue loss as a result of conflict
  • Create and uphold a team social contract that minimizes conflict
  • Empower players to resolve conflict on their own
  • Foster improved cooperation and collaboration
  • Improve team discipline and reduce disruptions
  • Decrease bullying and fighting
  • Reduce risk of litigation
  • Train athletic officials how to stay out of the crossfire and keep peace on the field.
  • Foster an environment that improves athletic achievement

Read the Book: Confidence in Conflict for SportsJaskulski Image Officials

Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials: Practical tips for staying out of the cross fire and keeping peace during the game, written by Vistelar Consultant Pete Jaskulski, was published in July of 2015.

This the only book that gives real-world tools for officials in any sport to reduce conflict and maintain an environment for good sportsmanship.Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials

Here are the benefits you will gain by applying the tactics taught in this book:

  • Enhanced professionalism
  • Decreased complaints from stakeholders (coaches, players, fans, league commissioners, assigners)
  • Better evaluations by supervisors
  • Less stress and more fun!

To learn more about Pete’s book, Click Here.

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