Increase Officer Safety

Conflict between and among inmates, guards, visitors, and staff occurs when there is an emotional reaction to a disagreement. Poorly managed conflict is enviable within any correctional environment and leads to…

  • Disrespect
  • Bullying
  • Emotional/physical violence.

…resulting in…

  • Unnecessary expenses
  • Complaints
  • Reduced employee performance
  • Liability / Litigation
  • Lack of organizational support
  • Employees saying and doing things that destroy self-esteem and reputations
  • Profit loss
  • In rare situations, even lives

In considering how to respond to real-life verbal and physical confrontations in correctional facilities, our correctional training programs were developed by actual correctional personal. Our training applies the tactical understanding to enable any correctional employee to work within their own physical limitations and to operate within existing legal limitations.

Here are just a few examples of the many programs we train to corrections:

  • Verbal Defense & Influence (minimize conflict by way of verbalization)
  • Cell Extractions and Control Systems Instructor
  • CERT Instructor
  • SORT Instructor
  • Force Management Protection
  • Crowd Management For Supervisors
  • Squad and Team Leaders Training
  • Command Staff Training
  • Riot Shield Instructor
  • Additional: training program options

Click training program options (coming soon) for a complete list.

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