Improve Emotional and Physical Safety

Conflict is inevitable among family members and friends — and in the world at large.

Why? Because conflict arises from disagreement and there are certainly plenty of things to disagree about.

But we shouldn’t view all conflict is bad. If well-managed, it enables the identification of problems and the generation of new ideas. In fact, many families appear conflict-ridden from the outside but, internally, they’re highly functional because they’ve found a way to harness disagreements to power personal growth and accomplishment.

The problem arises when conflict escalates to emotional and/or physical violence. Vistelar has identified three universal triggers for such escalation:

Stress from such factors as relationship difficulties, financial problems, work demands, job insecurity, drugs and alcohol and physical threats — which can cause the exacerbation of even minor conflicts.

Indignity that results from insults, put-downs and humiliation — which can provoke retaliation and revenge.

Vulnerability — or being perceived as less-than by others — which can result in the victim being the target of bullying, verbal abuse and harassment.

All of these triggers cause emotional reactions to disagreements and lead to verbal or physical altercations with bad outcomes. In other words, these sparks results in people impulsively reacting instead of thoughtfully responding.

At Vistelar we teach people how to thoughtfully respond whatever the type of conflict — from interpersonal discord, verbal abuse and bullying – to crisis communications, assault and physical violence.

Although we often have family members attend Vistelar’s live training programs (view our training calendar), most of our family-focused training is provided via our published books and our online courses.

We have a growing list of books and online courses in our Confidence In Conflict series you can learn about on this site or by visiting

In addition we’ve developed an online program designed to train staff on campuses (K-12, college, university, healthcare) in Active Shooter preparedness and response. However, many individuals have taken this course on their own to increase their chance of surviving such an attack, wherever it may occur. You can learn about this course Here.

We also provide family-focused personal safety and self-defense training through three organizations:

You can learn more about these organizations by clicking on a link to visit their website.

Also, check out this short interview of Dave Young by the team at the US Concealed Carry Association.

Dave Young, a founder of Vistelar and one of our Directors of Training, leads the development of most of our family-focused programs. Dave has spent his entire career facing real-word conflict in law enforcement, corrections, the military and private security and has over 25 years of experience as a professional trainer for the Marine Corp, public safety professionals and civilians.

No matter how you might access Vistelar’s training, you and your family will experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness
  • Increased competency in responding to verbal abuse and bullying
  • Increased emotional bearing during conflict
  • Improved cooperation and collaboration among family members

To learn more about how Vistelar can help improve family safety, please submit the form below.