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Police Training for the Entire Spectrum of Human Conflict — Including Verbal Intervention, Defensive Tactics, Non-Lethal Weapons, Crowd Management and Officer Survival

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Vistelar’s origins in the early 1980s were in police training and this discipline is a major focus of the business today. We have trained hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across all 50 states, several countries and all levels of government.

Vistelar’s police training programs are taught by professional trainers with extensive law enforcement backgrounds.

Vistelar’s verbal intervention police training programs are all branded as Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) and provide our nation’s guardians with training on point-of-impact non-escalation, de-escalation and crisis intervention tactics.

The principles of VDI, which have been taught worldwide for more than 30 years, are grounded in real-world application. The structured framework, in which these principles have been synthesized, makes the course material easy to learn, remember and apply — and simple to teach.

Vistelar’s tactical police training programs are all branded as Arma Training and provide our nation’s guardians with training on defensive tactics, non-lethal weapons, crowd management and officer survival.

The beginnings of Vistelar’s tactical programs date back to the early 1980s. Since then, these programs have evolved under the leadership of Gary Klugiewicz and Dave Young, Directors of Training at Vistelar – with input from a large number of tactical subject matter experts.

Vistelar also offers “tactics” police training programs that mesh Verbal Defense & Influence and Arma Training programs to focus on integrating the non-verbal, verbal, physical control, non-lethal and lethal techniques — the continuum of options that exist in any encounter — to deliver the best outcome.

For more information about our “tactics” programs, Click Here.

All of Vistelar’s program align the Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and, as a result, cover such topics as:

  • Verbal Intervention, De-Escalation and Crisis Intervention
  • Guardian Mindset – AKA “ethical protector”
  • Procedural Justice: where perceived fairness of the process — how people are treated — is as important as perceived fairness of the outcome
  • Community Engagement: where trust-building, non-enforcement activities are supported
  • Use of Non-Lethal Weapons
  • Crowd Management

Also, as recommended in the report, all our police training is scenario-based due to our use of Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction. This unique approach to training improves retention of the course material and, more importantly, ensures students can actually perform the learned skills in the midst of stress (“fire drills versus fire talks”). It emphasizes student interaction, scenario-based skill practice (using a proprietary video recording/review technology), memorable stories (“peace stories”) and analysis of real-life events captured on video.

Another key goal of our law enforcement training is to teach “how to look good on camera no matter how the situation ends up.” All actions of law enforcement officers are now being video recorded and, as a result, have the potential of being shown on YouTube to millions of viewers, picked up by the media and broadcasted to millions more, or used in disciplinary procedures/court proceedings. Therefore, in all our programs we train on  how to ensure an officer’s actions (non-verbal, verbal, physical) aren’t misrepresented when viewed on camera and that their incident report matches the video record.

Vistelar provides it’s police training in live, online and blended formats — at both the basic and instructor levels.

For example, we now offer an eight-hour certificate in Verbal Defense & Influence via a work-at-your-own-pace online program. This unique online program enables police officers to:

  • Get immediate access to the training
  • Progress at their own pace via short modules
  • Work in increments while on shift (and, when they return, know where they left off)
  • Print progress reports
  • Download an 8-hour training certificate upon completion

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An example of a live instructor school is Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence train-the-trainer program.

Vistelar’s Verbal Intervention Training (Verbal Defense & Influence) is focused on preventing and managing conflict using proven non-escalation (“prevent the negative dance from starting”), de-escalation and crisis intervention tactics. Vistelar offers a wide array of verbal intervention training options.

Vistelar’s Tactical Training (Arma Training) is focused on preparing law enforcement professional to win real-world encounters on the job as well as as in the courtroom, where they’re actions must often be justified. Vistelar offers over 70 professional police training programs, including water-based defense, impact/chemical munitions, non-lethal weapons, ground defense, crowd management, edged weapons defense and firearm survival tactics.

Police Training Options

De-escalation Police Training
Defensive Tactics Police Training

Being able to effectively manage conflict doesn’t come from listening to a traditional lecture. Instead, the skills we teach must be practiced so, during real-world stressful situations, they can be effectively performed. To be effective, you need to be able to effectively act on that knowledge in real-world situations – a rare outcome when training is delivered via a lecture format. That’s why we do “fire drills” versus “fire talks” as part of our Performance-driven instruction

Other Law Enforcement related categories include: Corrections and Military.

Our police training programs were developed by law enforcement for law enforcement—with an emphasis on how to deal with real-life verbal and physical confrontations both within the agency and outside. Our training applies the tactical understanding to enable any officer to work within their own physical limitations and to operate within existing legal limitations.

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