Press Release: Online Program Launched For Public Safety Professionals That Trains How To Reduce Use-Of-Force Incidents and Stay Off YouTube

Milwaukee, Wis. – September 11, 2015 — Vistelar, the world leader in conflict management training, officially launched today a new online verbalization-training program for law enforcement and other public safety professionals in response to the national discussion about police-community communications. This eight-hour certificate program teaches how to prevent and de-escalate conflict using Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence structured methodology. An important goal of the program is to teach officers how to look professional on camera no matter how a situation ends up. Individuals and whole agencies can sign up at .

Kati Tillema, Director Operations at Vistelar, said, “For the last three decades we’ve only provided our verbalization training via live workshops and week-long instructor-level schools. This is the first time we’ve offered the renowned Verbal Defense & Influence training as an online ‘work-at-your-own pace’ course. The availability of this program enables police agencies to receive training immediately and at a lower price than live training.”

The benefits of Verbal Defense & Influence training include reduced citizen complaints, liability and injuries – and improved morale, community relations and overall safety.

Gary Klugiewicz, a Director of Training at Vistelar, former Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Captain, and developer of the program says, “It all comes down to treating people with dignity by showing them respect. Our goal with this program is make it possible for all public safety professionals to know how to head off conflict and de-escalate it when it occurs.”

Vistelar is a global consulting and training organization focused on preventing and managing conflict at the point of impact, the short period of time when a tense situation can escalate to emotional and/or physical violence. Learn more at: