Online Verbal Defense & Influence

For Public Safety Professionals

Reduce Number Of Use-Of-Force
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Prevent and de-escalate conflict using Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence point-of-impact conflict management structured methodology.

Develop the knowledge and skills to reduce the frequency of conflict (non-escalation) in your interactions with others and, when a situation escalates, respond in an effective manner to de-escalate the conflict — instead of reacting impulsively.

Verbal Defense & Influence is the leading verbal intervention training program for public safety professionals, with these benefits:


  • number of use-of-force incidents
  • conflict from escalating to violence
  • citizen complaints
  • liability/litigation
  • officer injuries


  • overall safety
  • morale
  • internal collaboration
  • community relations
  • community perception of law enforcement

Another important benefit, in this era of smartphones and viral video, is that the program teaches how to look professional on camera no matter how the situation ends up.

Instructors Gary Klugiewicz and Derrick S Washington Sr

[Instructors Gary Klugiewicz and Derrick S Washington Sr]

This unique online program enables staff to:

  • Get immediate access to the training
  • Progress at their own pace via short modules
  • Work in increments while on shift (and, when they return, know where they left off)
  • Print progress reports
  • Download an 8-hour training certificate upon completion

Example Certificate

Online Verbalization Training Program for Law Enforcement Course OutlineEach module consists of some brief text, a short video, in-course performance activities, a quiz and real-world challenges. Students can’t progress to the next module without passing each quiz.

The program is designed for all public safety professionals (law enforcement, corrections, private security, EMS/Fire).

Verbal Defense & Influence is a structured methodology that trains non-escalation, de-escalation and crisis intervention tactics — as well as physical positioning and proxemics, what to do when words alone fail and how to justify officer actions.

We have taken our proven in-person training program and, for the first time ever in public safety, made it available online to end-users.

The content of this program aligns with the recommendations of the Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, covering such topics as procedural justice, community engagement, empathic social interaction and having a “guardian (ethical protector) mindset”

This online training was developed by Vistelar’s Training Director, Gary Klugiewicz, who has been training verbal intervention tactics to public safety professionals for over three decades to hundreds of thousands of officers.

Verbal Defense & Influence has been improved upon and refined over the past 30 years with the combined expertise of many recognized authorities.

Verbal Defense & Influence is a program of Vistelar, a global consulting and training organization focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact. Vistelar’s vision is to make the world safer by teaching everyone HOW to treat each other with dignity by showing them respect.

Special Introductory Pricing

The normal price of this online program is $199.00 per student.

However, for a short period of time, we are offering special introductory pricing.

# of Staff Price
1 $129
2 $248
3 $357
4 $447
5-10 $1096
11-15 $1578

# of Staff Price
16-20 $2020
21-30 $2908
31-40 $3722
41-50 $4467
51-60 $5146
61-70 $5763

For more than 70, please call us at 877-690-8230

Again, these introductory prices will only be available for a short period of time.

Introductory Bonus

  • $100 voucher for Verbal Defense & Influence instructor-level training
  • For each registrant, subscription to one Vistelar’s non-lethal weapons online course (basic certification or, for current instructors, re-certification)

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More Info:

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Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Looking professional on camera no matter where a situation ends up
  • Identifying and managing real-world conflict situations
  • Communicating effectively in the midst of stress
  • Non-escalation verbalization tactics
  • Preventing conflict from escalating to violence
  • How to treat others with dignity by showing respect
  • Entire spectrum of conflict: approach, intervention, follow through
  • Tactical empathy: understanding the perspective of others
  • Five types of questions: general, fact-finding, opinion-seeking, direct, and leading
  • Six types of redirections: serious, apology, time-out, polite, humorous, bystander
  • What to do when works alone fail
  • How to choreograph your communication and communicate concern
  • Developing a supportive atmosphere – even in extreme conflict situations
  • Practicing when-then thinking
  • How to develop a social contract to reduce conflict
  • Being alert and decisive / responding, instead of impulsively reacting
  • Developing a preplanned practiced response
  • Physical positioning, proxemics and escape options
  • Identifying weapons of opportunity and positions of advantage
  • Showtime mindset: visualization, posture, positive self-talk
  • Four steps of a universal greeting
  • Four steps of beyond active listening
  • A structured methodology for persuasion
  • Bystander mobilization and ethical intervention
  • Managing your professional face
  • How to maintain your emotional equilibrium
  • Awareness of natural reactions and confrontations

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Be sure to place your order soon
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 I am the lead Police Chaplain for the Bridgeton Police Department in New Jersey. As I talked to our Captain and we discussed my need for this course, I was initially unsure. But after taking this course I am grateful and glad I have taken it. As a police chaplain we are not always formally trained in these types of tactics. We often are trained in crisis but not in this capacity. It is courses like these that will help me and other chaplains understand the officers as well as how to better asset them. It is also so important that we know how to use our words to deescalate or non-escalate a situation. This is a great addition to my current training and I am excited to put it to practical use.

  • Chaplain Daniel Vasquez, Bridgeton Police Department, NJ

I enjoyed taking the training and found that the lessons were spot on to the information I need to be able to do my job better. I found the ‘Communicating Under Pressure” card to be invaluable and I feel confident that my interactions with the public are going to be much improved as a result of my taking this training.

  • Ralph Kuchenbrod, Champaign County, IL Search and Rescue Team

 I encourage other officers to take this training because they will not only be amazed how much they know, but how much they don’t know.

  • Joe Altman, Eau Claire County, WI Sheriff’s Department

I learned a lot from this class that I will be able to take with me whenever I go out on duty and where ever I go in my career in law enforcement. It really helped me understand what to say and how to handle different situations on the job and in my everyday life.

  • Wesley McIntosh, Panora Police Department, IA

I found this class to be a good refresher for a lot of the natural skills that are learned through trial and error in the field of Corrections. I found the footage interesting and entertaining. It was overall a good experience to take this course, even after having been in the profession for many years.

  • Cindy Olson, Eau Claire County, WI Correctional Officer

This 8 hr Course has been a tremendous help on Professional Communication. Although we are supposed to know all this for our daily duties, without practice comes mistakes. Being professional with all the situations we come across not only represents you as an Officer, or you’re Department, but puts a good mind set on all the people for all the officers who strive to do this on a daily basis. With such a strong presentation and videos to connect with to strengthen you’re verbal communication is so helpful. Especially for the Corrections Officers who deal with intoxicated, drugged, and combative people on a daily night. This helps so much for the ones who eventually want to work their way to patrol, and the proper and professional way to handle traffic stop communication. Thank you for your time, inspiration, and training experience you put together.

  • Corrections Officer with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department in Elkhart, IN