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Vistelar’s trainers have been providing conflict management training (non-escalation/de-escalation combined with physical alternatives) for over thirty years.

Up until the 2010s, our trainers were predominantly focused on the public safety market (law enforcement, in-house and private security, corrections, EMS/fire). In more recent years, Vistelar has expanded to many more markets.

You can learn about who we now serve by:

Over the last several years, we’ve received substantial media attention, which you can view here.

One thing we almost always do in our live training courses is ask students to share a “peace story” — a story about when a conflict situation went well (versus a “war story).

We’ve captured a lot of these peace stories on video, which you can view here.

On this same page, you can view a sampling of the many testimonials we’ve received about our conflict management training over the last few years.