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From Skinhead to Service – Arno Michaelis

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From the age of 17, Arno Michaelis became deeply rooted in the white power movement, most notably being a founding member in what became the largest racist/skinhead organization in the world. For a number of reasons, Arno began to distance himself from the movement in his mid-twenties and no speaks out against hate across the country and online.

He joins Bill to talk about his transformation from skinhead to service, hitting on the moments of conflict or potential conflict and how he handled them.



Episode Number 29

Police and Resident Listening Circles – Dr. Katherine Wilson

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Please join Dr. Katherine Wilson, Executive Director of the Zeidler Center, and she discusses the impact of the police and resident listening circles in Milwaukee.



Episode Number 28

The Power of Mentoring – Amy Chionchio

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January is national mentoring month, and in that spirit, we have an awesome guest joining Bill on this week’s show.

President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee, Amy Chionchio, joins Bill on the show to talk about how mentoring can make a huge difference in people’s lives, focusing on her own experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters.



Episode Number 27

NYPD Hostage Negotiator Talks Empathy – James Shanahan

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Boy, do we sure have a great episode of “The Conflict Report” lined up for you in this first week of 2017.

In this weeks episode, “NYPD Hostage Negotiator Talks Empathy,” Bill is joined by NYPD Senior Hostage Negotiator and 35 year veteran, James Shanahan. Bill talks to James about his career and about conflict management and empathy in hostage negotiations.



Episode Number 26

The Top 5 LinkedIn Tips – Wayne Breitbarth

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LinkedIn expert, Wayne Breitbarth, joins us to discuss the preparation when starting your LinkedIn profile and why it’s important to have a daily routine.



Episode Number 25

Justice Collaboration – Mandy Potapenko

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On “Justice Collaboration,” Bill is joined by┬áMandy Potapenko, the Director of the Milwaukee Community Justice Council.

The Milwaukee Community Justice Council (MCJC), created by Milwaukee County Board resolution in 2007, is made up of Milwaukee-area criminal justice agencies and local governments working collaboratively to ensure a fair, efficient, and effective justice system that enhances public safety and quality of life in our community.



Episode Number 24

Mental Toughness in Athletics – Dr. Peder Piering

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The episode we have for you this week is a great one. Dr. Peder Piering is a leading sports psychologist and has worked with athletes at all levels.

In “Mental Toughness in Athletics,” Dr. Piering joins Bill to discuss mental toughness, and how to deal with anxiety in athletics.



Episode Number 23

Dealing with Disasters – Richard “Doc” Clinchy

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This episode of the conflict report features Emergency Services legend, “Doc” Clinchy. He joins Bill to discuss dealing with conflict during disasters and the importance of mentoring as a succession plan.

As you probably know, natural disasters and other emergency situations create an environment where conflict not only more easily arises, but can do more damage as well.



Episode Number 22

The High Cost of Conflict in Retail – Bob Moraca

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This episode of The Conflict Report is titled “The High Cost of Conflict in Retail” and features a very interesting guest. Bob Moraca is the National Retail Federation’s Vice President of Loss Prevention.

He joined Bill to discuss conflict in retail, theft and safety tips for the upcoming holiday shopping season. He believes that “if we don’t keep the entire industry safe and secure, there is not going to be an industry,” and his role is to make sure that goal is acheieved.



Episode Number 21

How to Maintain Control on the Diamond – Pete Jaskulski

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Game 7 of the World Series is tonight and boy is it a historic night. The Cleveland Indians have not won the World Series since 1948; the Chicago Cubs have not won the series since 1908.

In honor of the World Series, Bill is joined by long time Wisconsin Baseball Umpire, Pete Jaskulski for “How to Maintain Control on the Diamond”. Pete discusses setting the tone with the players and coaches and how preparation is the key to success.



Episode Number 20