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Vistelar offers a variety of products to customers to enhance and compliment its training programs. Whether you are looking to purchase a book, instructor support materials or products to support your physical intervention policies, the Vistelar Online Store has everything you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at 877-690-8230.

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Books and Audio Books

Cinc Everyday lifeVistelar’s Confidence In Conflict book series offers real-world advice for managing conflict in various settings, such  healthcare, sports, campus life and more. These easy read books and audio books break-down Vistelar’s methodologies so that you can improve your response to conflict starting today.

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Training Support Materials

CUP cardThe Communicating Under Pressure chart is available in wallet size cards and attractive wall charts. Other wallet-sized cards are also available (e.g., Treat People Right, Personal Power).

For Certified Instructors our student workbooks and other materials are available to enhance their classroom training.


Online Training

A basicVistelar offers a variety of online training programs that you can complete at your own pace through Vistelar College. Whether you are looking to improve your response to conflict or obtain certifications, Vistelar’s online programs are affordable and simple solutions.

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RIPP Restraints

Vistelar is a licensed RIPP Arm & Ankledistributor and training organization for RIPP Restraints International. These products have application in healthcare, emergency medical response, corrections and law enforcement.