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Vistelar’s Online Courses and Books

Vistelar is the leading conflict management consulting and training company in the world.

One indication of our leadership is our prolific publishing history — of both online courses and books.

Online Courses

While live classroom training is our history, over the last several years we’ve invested heavily in eLearning. Our online courses are used in a variety of ways in our training mix:

  • As a stand-alone course for situations where live training is logistically or fiscally not possible — home care workers, rural agencies, when training is needed immediately, when everyone at a location needs to be trained (e.g., active shooter training within schools, front-line staff training within a hospital).
  • As pre-work for a live training course
  • As the online component of a blended training course (didactic component online; hands-on component live)
  • To provide a simple means for instructor re-certification

We have a large variety of online courses available at Vistelar College but our main ones are:

Please click on a link to learn more about each of these courses.

Books (read book excerpts)

Since May of 2014, we have published four books (click on a link to view the Amazon listing):

A fifth book in our Confidence In Conflict series is in development: Confidence In Conflict For Law Enforcement Professionals by Gary Klugiewicz, a Vistelar Consultant (Summer, 2016)

We regularly publish excerpts from our books on this website. You can View These Excerpts Here.

Each book is available in both eBook and paperback formats and some are also available as an audio book.

All available formats can all be purchased on Amazon. Just click on a link above. To learn more about our books, Click Here.

You can purchase the paperback and audiobooks on Vistelar’s Online Store.

For some of our books, we’ve developed an online course as a companion product. To learn more about these eLearning programs, click on a link above.