Addressing The Entire Spectrum Of Human Conflict

Master how to control the inevitable conflict that is present in all levels of sports competition

Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials presents a comprehensive and systematic approach to communicating effectively under stress in order to both prevent and manage conflict during a sporting event.

Confidence in Conflict for Sports OfficialsThis book was written for anyone, of any age, who officiates athletic events. It is a must read for new officials and a great skills enhancer for veterans.

Here are the benefits you will gain by applying the tactics taught in this book:

  • Enhanced professionalism
  • Decreased complaints from stakeholders (coaches, players, fans, league commissioners, assigners)
  • Better evaluations by supervisors
  • Less stress and more fun!

Also, with the pervasiveness of digital cameras, the chances you will be video recorded while officiating are high — and even higher when conflict occurs. This book will teach you how to address conflict effectively while still looking good on video.

You can purchase the paperback version of this book from us — or you can get either the eBook or paperback version on Amazon.

“The beauty of reading and applying the concepts and techniques contained in this book is that I believe it will help everyone in life and not just those in officiating.  These are life skills…actually they are survival skills.”

— Bill Dittmar, Major League Soccer Official