Addressing The Entire Spectrum Of Human Conflict


Training Programs to Prevent and Manage Conflict

Vistelar’s history is in live classroom training programs, which our consultants have been leading for over 30 years.

We provide training across the entire spectrum of human conflict, what we call the “Five Cs:”

1. Contact: how to make an initial contact that doesn’t escalate a situation and is focused on treating others with dignity by showing them respect

2. Conflict: how to stay safe and prevent disagreements from progressing to emotional or physical violence

3. Crisis: how to stay safe and de-escalate a situation when the subject is apparently under the influence of personal stress, drugs & alcohol, or mental health issues.

4. Combat: how to apply the appropriate physical control, non-lethal and lethal techniques to stabilize a situation when words alone fail

5. Closure: how to normalize a situation after an incident, which includes stabilization, providing medical treatment and debriefing.

We provide training that addresses all types of conflict, including interpersonal discord, verbal abuse, bullying, crisis communications, assault and physical violence — across 14 market sectors including law enforcement, healthcare and education.

Watch this video for a brief overview of our live training programs:

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To learn more about our live training program, please click on a market sector at the left or visit our training calendar.

All our instructor-led programs use our proprietary Emotionally-Safe Performance Driven Instruction™ that improves retention of the course material and, more importantly, ensures students can actually perform the learned skills in the midst of stress (fire drills versus fire talks). This unique approach to training emphasizes student interaction, scenario-based skill practice (using a proprietary video recording/review technology), memorable stories (“peace stories”) and analysis of real-life events captured on video.

Beyond our live training programs, Vistelar offers additional ways to learn our proven non-escalation, de-escalation and defense strategies and tactics, including speaking engagements, online courses and published books (view excerpts).