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Discover How To Better Manage The Conflict In Your Professional and Personal Life

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  • How to head off conflict in both your professional interactions and your personal life
  • How to de-escalate conflict so it doesn’t progress to emotional or physical violence
  • The Five Maxims of human interaction and how to apply these maxims to minimize conflict in your life
  • How to deal with disrespectful behavior and verbal abuse, whether it occurs at work or at home
  • How to respond in an effective manner during stressful interactions — instead of impulsively reacting
  • How to use conflict management strategies to dramatically improve your customer service and sales results

… and much, much more!

“I know it sounds a bit crazy but Vistelar’s teachings have changed my life.”

– Joe Potterton, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Get ready to transform your response to conflict

Reduce complaints, liability and injuries, while improving performance, morale and overall safety

“Vistelar’s training is not some academicʼs pipe dream. Itʼs born of the streets and tested where lives are on the line.”

– Chuck Remsberg, Co-founder of Street Survival Seminar

Discover How To Better Manage The Conflict In Your Professional and Personal Life