Hello all. John Nebl here. You may ask, “Why Tactical Writing?” I would ask you, “Why Not?” As we know, 93% of how a message is received is through the delivery style (voice tone, body language, etc.). However, a letter or an e-mail is one-dimensional. Our written words, what words are used, and how they are phrased, really does leave all of the “impression” or intent to be determined by the reader. While I have long used the principals of Verbal Defense and Influence in my spoken communications, I have recently started to employ them in writing as well. The results have been great. As you draft a letter or an e-mail consider how you start. Use the Universal Greeting (formerly the 8-step). If you need to make a point, use the Persuasion Sequence (formerly the 5-step).  As you wrap-up,  Summarize (LEAPS) your thoughts. And of course when you close, “leave them better than how you found them”. THEN read your DRAFT from the intended receiver’s perspective (Tactical Empathy). Tweak what you need to better get your message across in the manner it was intended. I think you will be happy with the results. Whether your a law enforcement officer or a civilian visiting our blog, please always Stay Alert and Aware of your Surroundings and Stay Safe.

John Nebl
Verbal Defense & Influence, Consultant