Hello everyone this is Pete Jaskulski back from a second VDI course in Miami, Florida. The students were from the Transportation Security Administration at the Miami International Airport. While I was in Miami the Travel Channel aired a new series called Airport 24/7: Miami. Some of the people in this class were featured in this series. This series showed the challenges faced by the TSA on a daily basis. The most significant challenge was how to communicate effectively under stress. The show presented them as effective communicators, they did well. The next day we discussed the show in class. The group was impressed and excited about how they were portrayed in this series. The timing couldn’t have been better. They realized the importance of “Show Time.” It was their time to shine and show the public the importance of their function at the airport.

The class ended with the videotaping of an 8 Step/5 Step scenario. I let one supervisor (portrayed in the TV series) pick the situation and the people that would play the roles. The group decided on this situation: a passenger carrying the remains of family member in an urn. I thought “wow.” I then I thought I would never have thought of that. They created the dialog and performed the scenario with empathy, compassion and assertiveness. It was stated by several attending the class that they perform these skills daily but really didn’t know what they were doing. The trainers in the room had already formulated a plan to present the 5 Universal Truths and deflectors to their line officers at daily briefings. Once again it was a successful 2.5 days.
The Airport 24/7: Miami series airs on the Travel Channel on Tuesdays, watch it.

Pete Jaskulski
Verbal Defense & Influence, Consultant