This time of year, we all get wrapped up in the Christmas spirit. It’s become known as the time of Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men.

Actually, it would be nice if that were so, but alas the people who love Christmas the most, our children, are the ones who are most at risk for over extension of the spirit which we all try to possess.

Children can be cruel, especially to each other. Taunting and fighting and generally misbehaving toward each other is commonplace in our school system. Bullying is a common occurrence and has lasting effects, even during this time of year. Fortunately VDI has a “CURE” for this behavior and the result is a happier and more joyful childhood experience, especially in the school in general and the classroom in particular. VDI has developed a sensational tool for combating the bullying child, while protecting other kids at play, at school and on the bus.

Is this a subject parents need to address? Yes it is. Can we address it delicately with children? Yes we can! It’s as easy as reading the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Remember Rudolph? He was Santa’s favorite reindeer, and yet, the story tells us that Rudolph was ridiculed by the other Reindeer who used to laugh at him and call him names. That’s what bullying is – ridiculing others and calling them names. Santa fixed the problem and so can we. All that is necessary is to check out our website ( and read about how we can help.

This year, let’s give everyone the gift of understanding and civility. Let’s agree to treat everyone with dignity and respect – that’s what Santa would want!

Pat Bucher
Senior Associate
Verbal Defense & Influence