Bullying Legislation: Do You Know What the Laws Are?

The majority of states across the nation have adopted some type of child/school directed bullying legislation. It’s imperative to stay informed and connected to the initiatives in our communities. There is a wealth of information available on line. To find what specific laws against bullying have been enacted in your state search your legislative website for “bully.”

Many schools have adopted specific anti bullying policies. Have these been distributed to students and parents? Are they posted on your schools website? Are they mentioned once in the handbook at the beginning of the year but never mentioned again?

Employers and state legislatures are also considering policies and laws to deal with bullying in the work environment. Do you know how your employer would respond?

Stay informed. Stay involved. Make your voice heard. Policies don’t change unless officials realize that the issue is important. We don’t need to wait for another tragedy.

Maryfrances Palmisano
Former social worker and juvenile/criminal defense attorney
Instructor at JK Lee Black Belt Academy in Milwaukee, WI
Mother of three children