Coach Bob Lindsey

I just got off the phone with retired Col. Robert “Coach” Lindsey, an iconic figure within the law enforcement community. He’s well respected for good reason: He’s one of the most insightful people I know.

In our conversation, he shared his perspective on bullying:

Bullying is nothing new. What is new is that we have solutions.

Yet, we continue to be victims. Why? Because don’t have enough people who make it a priority to put solutions into practice.

Making it stop is an effort that will require everyone — regardless of their age, gender, race or stage in life — to get involved.

“Bullying does not occur outside of the attention of people,” he said. “In every investigation of wrongdoing, take Columbine, for example, people saw signs that something terribly wrong was about to happen.”

That silence and inaction must end.

“The more people we have willing to be part of the solution, the better off we’ll be.”

The first thing that’s got to happen? People have to take a stand.

“There’s a world of difference,” says Coach, “between saying I can do something and I WILL do something.”

Kathy Mangold
Former editor of metroparent magazine in Milwaukee, WI
Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor (
Mom of kids ages 12, 10 and 8