While doing research for a workshop last week I saw a quote from Kenneth Blanchard, the award winning speaker and author of One Minute Manager. His quote, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority” gave me an “Ah-Ha” moment.

The link between leadership techniques and ideals and Verbal Defense and Influence became apparent. Ken Blanchard was on the same path even though they were in completely different environments. This is probably because they are both talking about motivation.
When addressing motivation we learn that you can’t really motivate anyone. Motivation comes from within the individual and a leader can present an environment where that motivation will be spurred. That environment can range from avoiding the unpleasant or pain to deciding to act for personal gratification.
To gain compliance or cooperation, then, a person can be presented with that unpleasant result or one of a winning outcome. The techniques found in Verbal Defense and Influence will present that atmosphere of positive outcome and not be that unpleasant instance. By following the Universal Truths, dignity is preserved. People are asked rather than ordered, things are explained and options are given. And following with a Showtime Mindset you create influence, not demands. If a leader follows this template as well, the team member will be presented with that winning atmosphere just as much as a police officer attempting to gain compliance with an offender.
So you have a choice. You can seek compliance by threats and authority or by providing an environment where someone will decide to comply on their own. If you are a supervisor you can get your charges to do something because of your orders and authority or you can be an effective leader by providing the influence, or environment, for self-action. The difference is what attitude from the leader the target individual perceives. What is the environment that will either inhibit or spur the individual’s inner motivation? Influence not authority!
“Your success with others starts with you.”