Two years ago, one of our Vistelar advisors created a short video on how to identify and prevent senior citizen bullying.

This message is still generating feedback. In fact, this comment was posted yesterday:

“My husband and I are being bullied by new younger neighbors. We are both over 65. The neighbor has blocked our driveway, placed a chair in front of our mailbox. Her son played baseball on our front lawn and drove her kid’s car over our lawn and messed up our grass. She will leave her parking spaces clear and leave cars in front of my house. We told police, but they said they have to come out when crimes are in process of being committed. What am I paying my taxes for. Please give advice.”

Their situation seems hopeless to them — but there are solutions at hand.

For seniors, the aging process can leave us feeling vulnerable (it’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of modern life) and we’re often pushed aside and treated as less-thans. It makes us indignant, as we feel the wisdom we’ve gained should be recognized for its worth.

Sure, our dignity should be valued, says Coach Bob Lindsey, Vistelar advisor and senior advocate. But it won’t be unless we demand that respect.

“We don’t ‘age out’ of our need to be assertive,” Lindsey said. Personal power is needed at every stage of life.

“Seniors don’t know that they have good options,” he said. They need to learn how to stop being victims and start becoming empowered.”

Lindsey is working with two other consultants, Roy Aiken and special needs expert Joel Lashley, on a presentation for our Beyond Conflict 2013, held Nov. 7-10 in Milwaukee, Wis.

The title of their presentation, Engaging the Marginalized, says it all.

“The elderly and those with special needs are often left on the sidelines,” he said. “These communications strategies encourage independence and autonomy.”

Note: For the first time ever, Vistelar is opening the conference to anyone who faces conflict in the workplace or their personal lives. Up until 2012, our professional-level conferences were restricted to our internal trainers and instructors. The full agenda for Beyond Conflict 2013 will be announced next week. Stay tuned.