Gary Klugiewicz here.

Here is the class photo from the recent North Las Vegas Police Department Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class. These instructors were phenomenal in terms of their talent, job experience, and willingness to work together.

It has been said the networking that takes place in a class often is more important than material covered. This was especially true in this class where the side bar conversation added greatly to the value of the class.

For example, watch this video that one of the class participants shared with the group. It talks about a cab driver who wanted to be the best cab driver in New York City. The video speaks to the value and importance of the individual staff members adopting a mission statement. Its message is that an organization should strive to get every employee to be the best employee that they can be. This is true whether you are the sole employee or a member of a company with thousands of employees.

Watch the video and get excited about how you can impact the operationalization of your mission statement.

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