Ed Holpfer here to again express how excited we are to be part of Scale Up Milwaukee’s entrepreneurial growth program called the Scalerator, and why we think our customers should get excited too.


Our customers

When the first of the four Scalerator sessions begins tomorrow, we are going to learn how to better provide a customer-centered approach to business. Now of course we already pride ourselves on working with customers to meet individual needs, but when it comes to great customer service (that’s still business savvy), we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We hope to enhance our customers’ experience when interacting with us both online and in person. This should be accomplished with the lesson plan for day one which includes how to best prepare for sales meetings with clients and honing our questioning and listening skills (Beyond Active Listening, anyone?) for business.


Our abilities

The goal of the Scalerator program is to strengthen small, entrepreneurial businesses so they can grow.

What this means for our customers is that we will be in a better position to expand our reach by offering our services in more places more often. Growth also means support for new products and improving upon those that we already offer to ensure that we offer the absolute best to our customers.


Our community

Lastly, we also hope to become a role model for other small companies in the Milwaukee area so that they might thrive and prosper as well.

In 2012, Forbes ranked Wisconsin 42nd among states for business. That makes starting and maintaining a small business a truly difficult task. Our hope is that, through a successful business model, we can become a template for other businesses in our area to thrive and strengthen our community.

We will be sure to keep you updated on what we are learning. Until then, here’s to a helping hand.