How do you keep your New Year’s resolutions from becoming disappointments? For a training group such as Verbal Defense & Influence the answer is easy: Turn your good intentions into a solid skill set.

I just read a blog post by writer Nina Amir that offers up some discouraging statistics, that only eight percent of the resolutions made on Jan. 1 result in a real change in behavior.

The belief that personal resolutions need support is on my mind because I’m ankle-deep in researching and writing a book about my experiences with Verbal Defense & Influence.

This book is intended to be, in my opinion, a first step in an integrated support system for Verbal Defense & Influence’s skills and mindset. My intentions are as follows:

1. Make the journey real: I’m not the kind of person who is motivated by a textbook. The process of solidifying skills is a whole lot more believable when there are real people, real stories and a little bit of sneaky humor. (You’ll even meet my Grandma.)

2. Open up a community: There are legions of people from all walks of life who take tremendous pride in their ability to make their homes, workplaces and communities more peaceable. You’re not alone — and how’s that for encouragement?

3. Introduce the skills in context: This book isn’t meant to replace online or real-person training. (Role playing, scenario-based training and personalized, performance-based instruction are crucial steps toward reinforcing emerging skills).

The goal of my book is simply this: To expand the possibilities you hold for yourself for better communication by painting a portrait of triumphs, hurdles, successes and failures the Verbal Defense & Influence team has encountered. After all, we’re fellow journeymen along the way.


Kathy Mangold— Follow me and the book-writing process on twitter @KatMango