Our home team has been playing great this year, so there’s lots of energy and enthusiasm surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers.

The local newspaper just created a behind-the-scenes video that shows the preparation that goes into every game — not by the players or management — but by the hardworking folks who manage and safeguard the spectator experience. (Click here to watch the video).

Here at Vistelar, we were delighted to see that the security team led by one of our consultants, Pete Jaskulski, was first to be highlighted. As he talks to his staff, you can see that he’s not just relaying information, he’s making sure that his colleagues have enough insight to help them understand and address the complexities of the day.

Once people understand, they have the ability to carry out their actions with purpose and intent. They’re not just punching in and following orders. They’re capable of making decisions and taking responsibility.

It relates back to the Five Maxims of treating people with dignity by showing them respect, especially Maxim #3:
Explain why they are being asked to do something.

The video clip captures a moment within a moment, a single piece in a mosaic of activity leading up to the game. These moments happen, and they pass.

And when we perform well, everything shines.

— Kathy Mangold
Vistelar Group

P.S. This time of year, Pete is Mr. Baseball! When he’s not working the Brewers games he’s working as an umpire on the high school circuit. He just did a great recording of his ideas about athletics and Verbal Defense & Influence; click here to listen.