What’s being done to address bullying? And – what work lies ahead?

That’s the focus of The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention at 11 a.m. EST Thursday. You can watch it here.

We’ve participated in discussions with Kevin Jennings, Asst. Deputy Secretary for the US Department of Education, and have been impressed with the department’s commitment to the issue.

“Bullying continues because we allow it to,”  he said. But as people begin to understand the connection between bullying and school performance, it’s no longer acceptable to look the other way. Things must change. “It’s a watershed moment” he said.

Jennings offers the following advice to manage bullying:
1. Greater education to understand and identify bullying
2. Clear policies that specifically address the problem
3. Training for all staff, too
4. Procedures in place that ensures all staff members take action.

While this outlines some action steps at an institutional level, we feel there’s a lot of work that needs to be done among children, families and classroom communities.

But it’s a start, and having such high-level summits keeps this high on the radar for educators.
Kathy Mangold
Verbal Defense & Influence
Manage Bullying