Hello, this is Dave Young.

I am the founder of Your Family Defense here with some Halloween safety tips to help keep your kids safe while Trick-Or-Treating tonight.

Remember, Halloween is a fun time for kids looking forward to getting candy, but it can also be an opportune time for committing crimes and causing trouble.


Dave’s Halloween safety tips

Be alert: Watch for suspicious activity – people following you, paying too much attention to you or your child, loitering around your house, etc. Also be aware that the “fake” weapon someone is carrying might actually be real.

Trust your instinct: Listen to that inner voice when it tells you that something isn’t right or safe and leave immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be prepared: Make sure you and your child agree on a plan for how the night will go. They should know the route you will take, what to do if they get separated from you or their group, emergency contact numbers and that they should never go anywhere with a stranger.

Have a flashlight: If Trick-Or-Treat is held at night in your community, visibility is important for safety. Making sure you can see where you’re going and that cars can see you will help to avoid accidents. Is the flashlight charged or does it have new batteries? Test it before leaving and if it’s on a lanyard, NEVER put it around your neck.

Monitor your surroundings: Costumes, crowds and darkness make it easy for predators to hide in wait or sneak in among groups of people. Make sure you know who you’re walking with as well.

When accompanying your child, don’t dress in costume: This can make it hard for younger children to pick you out of a crowd or give a description of you if you get separated.

Make their costume distinctive: Give your child’s costume something that will make them easily identifiable such as a glow band. It will make keeping an eye on them easier and you don’t have to worry about which zombie or princess is yours.

Never accept any drinks: No matter how small the beverage, never let your child get a drink from someone they don’t know.

Go through your child’s candy together: When you get home, check the original packaging looking for clear tape, ripped corners or homemade wrapping. If the candy or wrapper looks suspicious in ANY WAY, throw it out!

Don’t stay home alone: If you’re the only one home to answer the door for Trick-Or-Treat, call a friend or family member who can come over and help watch you and the house. Being distracted by answering the front door is a perfect opportunity for an intruder to break in through the back door or window.


I hope these Halloween safety tips help you and your family have a safe and fun time while Trick-Or-Treating tonight!

-Dave Young