Dave Young, the director of training for Arma Training recently attended our Beyond Conflict Conference in Louisville, KY.

He shared information with our attendees at a number of classes including this review of the 10/5/2/ Foot Rule for threat assessment to instructors attending a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Update.

Dave explains the importance of controlling distance to provide for your safety. He explains that:

  • at 10 feet a contact professional has to evaluating the subject and the scene while being prepared to EXIT, if necessary.
  • at 5 feet the contact professional has to continue to evaluate while beginning verbal interaction and being prepared to EVADE, if necessary.
  • at 2 feet, the contact professional is operating, i.e., performing their tasks whether that is taking a blood pressure for a nurse, helping a customer in a customer service contact, or patting down a person for a “stop & frisk” by a police officer – while at the same time being ready to ESCAPE, if necessary.

This 10/5/2 Foot Rule has made threat assessment and risk assessment much easier to teach, remember, and utilize. Thank you Dave for sharing your expertise with us.

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Please watch the blog for additional information on Dave Young’s personal defenses techniques and tactics.