This is Gary Klugiewicz.


It is with great pleasure that I am able to report to you that Coach Bob Lindsey, a Vistelar Consultant and Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor, has been awarded the very prestigious LAW OFFICER Magazine “Trainer of the Year” Award at the 10th Annual International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers (ILEETA) Association Training Conference. This award acknowledges the fifty years of service that Coach has contributed internationally to the law enforcement community.


Coach has impacted literally tens of thousands of officers’ lives through his training programs. His classes at the ILEETA Conferences are regularly packed with police trainers who are forced to stand in the back of the room in order to hear his message. They bring his message of hope and survival back to their agencies. Although widely known for his development and implementation of officer survival tactics, Coach is best known for his wellness, fitness, and emotion survival presentations where he tells his heart-wrenching story of trial & error, failures & defeats, but ultimately rebirth, success, and peace.


This year Coach co-presented twice. The first class he taught with John Marx where they tackled the important topic of how to assist instructors in becoming leaders and making a positive impact in their organizations. The second presentation was co-taught with Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki and tackled the growing occupational crisis of Police Suicides. Coach’s message was that we all need to be the one (person) that is there when another officer is contemplating taking their own life. He discussed the need for all of us to move beyond being capable of intervening (can do) to being willing to actively intervene when necessary to save a life (willing to do).


If you have never met Coach, you are missing something in your life. He is a force of nature. He walks down the hallways at the ILEETA Conference saying hello to everyone, shaking hands and introducing himself to people that he doesn’t know – making everyone feel welcome and important. He literally raised the hospitality index of the hallway by simply walking through it. At the conference banquet, Coach gave the invocation. It was, as always, a moving prayer filled. Afterwards, Coach received a standing ovation from the 300 instructors in the room. It was well deserved and acknowledged what Coach has contributed and continues to contribute after fifty years of service.


Congratulations Coach.