Hi everybody, this is Pete Jaskulski, Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor.

I want to share an article with you that was recently featured in the May issue of Referee Magazine. Referee Magazine is the original magazine for sports officiating and is the industry’s best known publication. The writer, Dave Simon, interviewed me to highlight our Verbal Defense and Influence program and its application in the world of sports officiating. I have been training umpires in how to manage conflict on the field for the past six years. This article does a great job of explaining the basic Verbal Defense and Influence concepts and how they can assist a sports official to manage conflict before, during and after a game. The title of the article is Manage Conflict: Defuse Don’t Detonate. You can access the article on-line at http://www.referee.com/referee-magazine/current-issue/.
Also, please look for my book, Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials, set to be released in May 2015. The book will break down all of the tactics necessary to create an environment of dignity and respect before, during and after a competition and learning how important it is to not escalate the conflict that will inevitably occur during a game.