This week in Chicago 800 law enforcement trainers are meeting to train together to enhance their skills at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Conference.

Three Vistelar consultants will be feature there.

Andrew Garrison will be presenting a block of instruction entitled “Public Safety Wellness.”

Course Description: This session, “Wellness In Mind”, is a seminal wellness curriculum designed specifically for the world’s most stressful vocations. Through self-reflection, learners will uncover the “whys” of their behavior throughout their days (and nights). Self-reflection will consist of uncovering blind spots, minimizing barriers, and unloading burdens that are not conducive to wellness. Reflection be combined with knowledge of the dimensions of wellness, social ecology, energy balance, movement realities, nourishment strategies, and resilience strategies to respond to healthy temptations.

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Gary Klugiewicz will be presenting a block of instruction entitled “Looking Good on Video: Develop 24/7 Video-Proof Protection.

Course Description: In this age of continual videotaping, an officer’s professional words, tone, and facial expressions become of critical importance. Looking good no matter where ever this incident ends up has become a major officer survival issue. This class is designed to provide instructors with choreographed communication skills designed to generate voluntary compliance by communicating concern to both their contact and those people who will evaluate their performance. When physical action is required, these tactics assist in providing proof of the officer’s professionalism and peace keeping intent.

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Coach Bob Lindsey will be presenting a block of instruction with Tom Marx entitled “The Day The Brotherhood of Law Enforcement Died.”

Course Description: This course will discuss the pro’s and con’s of a “brotherhood and sisterhood” of law enforcement and a discussion guide on the future of our profession to take back to your agency. We will utilize a system of emotionally safe, performance driven instruction to promote active audience participation and discussion. We will discuss honor, tradition, leadership, influence, service, taking care of our own, bullying, the code of silence, wellness and what we do to relax. This course is about YOUR role in the future of law enforcement so come with an open mind and be willing to participate.

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Several Vistelar are Vistelar staff members coming down to ILEETA on Wednesday. They will be attending the ILEETA Product Expo and attending Gary Klugiewicz’s class at 3:30 PM. They look forward to meeting up with you on Wednesday.