This is Gary Klugiewicz

Anyone who knows us knows that we push the concept of Emotional Safe Performance-Driven Instruction. This simply means that in an emotionally safe environment students must get a chance to perform their skills – not just see / hear about these skills. It is no different in an instructor class.

Instructor must learn how to perform their skills which in this case means that they must learn how to teach the skills that they are instructing. In Vistelar classes, instructors get to use advanced technology called Content XLerator that allows them to use their iPhones to record audio and video assignments to practice performing their teaching skills.

Derrick Washington, Sr. and I just taught a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class in Louisville, KY. Listen to Tim Wires practice his Five Maxims elevator speech. This exercise prepares instructors to teach this concept to their students and to explain the benefits of the Five Maxims to their administrators. Thank you Tim for sharing this valuable information with us.

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