Doctors lose empathy the same way police officers do

Hello, This is Gary Klugiewicz.
A recent Radio Health Journal radio segment proved to me something that I had often suspected in that people are more alike than they are different. The program talked about Doctors and Emotions.
It noted that doctors like police and other public safety personnel start out their careers full of hope, values, and wanting to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, life and the real world gets in the way. Added to this is the negative impact of “bad-thinking” mentors in both a doctor’s residency and a police officer’s probationary period who help to destroy the “protector mindset” that is so important in developing empathetic healthcare and public safety professionals.
The bottom line is that if we want our new doctors – and public safety professionals to remain empathetic, i.e., to see through the eyes of the others, and caring professionals , they need empathetic and caring role models in our medical schools and functioning as our public safety field training officers.
The old saying that children see, children do does say it all. This video shows the results of poor mentoring. Let’s do a better job.
Your thoughts?