Have you raised anyone’s Emotional Joy Index today.

Hi there,

This is Gary Klugiewicz.

I have known Ben Merens for a little more than a year but he has changed my life for the better. He has shown me how to raise what I have come to call the Emotional Joy Index of my current location. Ben is a twenty year veteran of Wisconsin Public Radio where he worked as a radio show host. He has become a self-made expert in communication and listen skills while writing a book entitled People are Dying to be Heard.

Recently, I was getting a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks with a friend after a workout. While waiting for my friend to get his coffee, I began using Ben’s tactic of smiling, making eye contact, and beginning low intensity conversation with the people in the coffee shop. I held the door open for an elderly gentleman with a cane saying “Good Morning.” He replied “Thank you young man.” I said that “I really wasn’t holding the door just for him but for the lovely woman coming in behind him.” This got a chuckle from him and his wife along with the man walking in behind them. I smiled at him while continuing to hold the door open for this second man while saying “Don’t worry – I get paid the hour.” This generated smiles and laughter from all three people as well as couple other people waiting for coffee.

What I did was raise the Emotional Joy Index for the entire coffee shop by using Ben Merens’ time tested method of connecting with people in a positive manner. Now while it is true that I was dressed in workout clothes, what if I had been a uniformed police officer, a post office worker in uniform, or a medical professional in scrubs? Would not the effect be the same? I think so. In addition, these professionals in uniform would not only raise the Emotional Joy Index for themselves, but, I believe, for their professions. They next time these people would see another similar professional in action, they could flash back to that pleasant moment in the coffee shop. Wouldn’t it be great to have some positive, non-confrontational memories for our public to flash back on? Why not try to make some of these positive moments today.

If you want to hear more about Ben Meren’s effect on spontaneous public gatherings, watch the video below. It is amazing. Enjoy.

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You can contact Ben at Ben@benmerens.com