Robert Whiteside here.

What is service? And to whom are we to be of service?

An excellent example of a service ethos is visible in the video below (click the link to watch).

Watch and listen as Ohio State Highway Patrolman Eric Devers saves a man’s life. It struck me, while listening to the audio of Trooper Devers performing CPR chest compressions, that he was putting into action the universal value of life, all life. He was exemplifying – in action – “the philosophical clarity for the protector ethic.” This is where the great work of Jack Hoban comes to mind, the aforementioned quote coming from his book, “The Ethical Protector: Essays on Police Ethics, Tactics and Techniques.”

We highly recommend this book and the other writings of Jack Hoban. Go also to to read his many articles there.

I would like to see this ethic (the universal value of life) – embodied in the work and publications of Jack Hoban – inculcated more and more into, not only all realms of public safety, but into every area of life. What a different world it could be if life was valued above divisive racial, ethnic, and other doctrines.

Despite the media covering every day only a small section of police encounters (most of this news being negative), there are plenty of women and men of law enforcement serving every day, in every community, in ways like Trooper Devers does here. Hats off to you, Trooper Devers, and to all Law Enforcement and all Ethical Protectors who serve others, protect others, and repair others, upholding the value of life.