Hi Everyone. Robert Whiteside here.

I read today a fascinating article which cited several scientific studies behind communication and which support that which we know – in the world of conflict communication – to be true.
Here is the link to this good article by Laura Vanderkam.
Note the section which references the work of Albert Mehrabian, in reference to non-verbal communication in which Mr. Mehrabian states: “The degree of liking conveyed by the facial expression will dominate and determine the impact of the total message.” He points out how facial expression trumps the actual words spoken. People walk away more with the message our face tells them and less so from the spoken words. What a very interesting finding that Contact Professionals intuit already and back up with good training.
Then the article goes on to reference the work of Italian neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti about “mirror neurons.” Essentially, our brains ignite neurons which mirror what we see of a person in front of us. They smile, and our brain starts firing up neurons which mirror their smile.
“Mirror neurons” is again another fascinating finding which, for Contact Professionals and Customer Service professionals, we know (from experience) works. We can encourage a better emotional state in others by the very simple act of smiling! What a useful, tactical tool this can be for the Public Safety professional who should be seeking to throw water on a fire, and not gasoline.
This is a great article. It addresses many other aspects of communication. There is science behind what Contact Professionals know to be good truths. Let’s use this science to continue to evolve our disciplines, and serve others in the most effective manner possible