Hello there.

Gary Klugiewicz here.

We always talk about the importance of the Universal Greeting in setting the tone for any initial contact.    These scripted communications help to change what can be a defensive atmosphere into a supportive one.    I just got this e-mail from Dean Blackwell, a VDI Instructor, who used the Universal Greeting to handle a personal matter.   Dean has allowed me to share his experience with you.  It amazing how a little think like the Universal Greeting, posted below, can grease the skids for a positive interaction.


  1. Appropriate greeting
  2. Introduce yourself and your affiliation
  3. Explain the reason for the contact
  4. Ask a relevant question


Thank you Dean for sharing this wonders application of the Universal Greeting with us.


Hey Gary,

I really enjoyed our training together!

I’m proud to say I’ve applied much of what we have learned in class to my personal life and have taught a few key areas to my co workers.

A great example was on Thanksgiving my car was stolen in front of my house. While standing in the middle of the street, my neighbor across the street peeked at me from his front door. I called out to him and he quickly shut the door and ignored me. I then walked up to his door and knocked on it several times until he peaked his head out. He clearly was nervous from me being at his door step. … I said “SHOWTIME” and used the universal greeting. “Hi, I’m Dean. I work for children’s hospital and live across the street. My car was stolen yesterday, and I was wondering if you saw anything?”

To my surprise he came out and started talking to me.


Hope all is well.


Dean Blackwell

CCHP Community Health Navigator

Children’s Community Health Plan/CMMI

Children’s Hosptial and Health System