Hi Everyone! Robert Whiteside here.
I was privileged to participate in a Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) Instructor course this week in Fayetteville, NC. It was taught by Gary Klugiewicz and Dave Young.
Law enforcement professionals, as well as healthcare security management, EMS, and others, were present as we participated in a dynamic, well-structured, emotionally safe, and performance-driven training environment. The training took us through what it takes to be a fully proficient Contact Professional.
We now find ourselves in an environment in the 21st century where what is expected of Public Safety is dramatically different than it was in decades past. We have, for instance, to expect now to be on camera in everything we do. Public Safety must, then, evolve to meet the needs of the current times, still keeping themselves and others safe, but incorporating a whole new level of dignity-driven, tactically sound performance. This week of instruction covered all this.
There were so many great teachings that it’s difficult to identify just one big take-away. We covered, for instance, the essential difference between Good Speak and Bad Speak; we studied how the ego is the on-ramp to the personal face; we studied and discussed at length about what is needed to re-tool for 21st century Public Safety work; and we drilled (and drilled) many pre-planned, practiced tools to generate in others voluntary compliance, cooperation, and collaboration (GVC 3.0).
This need to re-tool to meet 21st century demands is coming to us, like it or not. It’s up to us to proactively embrace it, doing what we need to do. We discussed at length how the Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) program offers a complete philosophy of service for this re-tooling, along with tactics and techniques (all driven by this philosophy).
An article, from The Emotional Intelligence Network, touches on many of the needs and demands with which Public Safety is met. These include the ability to perform well (looking good the whole way) while being on camera, and the role of the Law Enforcement Officer as an Ethical Protector. I already knew this, but this week of training made me realize it even more strongly just how much the VDI program is poised to address the points in this article (all of which can be seen in many other publications).
In addition to the expert instruction of Gary Klugiewicz, Dave Young’s instruction was equally enthusiastic and eye-opening. Dave presented on the 10-5-2 Rule, as well as the need to structure and conduct one’s Physical Intervention Training (use of force) thoroughly meshed with verbalization skills.
It was another amazing training event that I was privileged to attend with so many great professionals from around the country.

Thanks Gary and Dave!