Thursday at 8AM, Dave Young is going to be teaching at the ILEETA Conference.

His “Winning in Confined Spaces” Class is a must see for all officer who sometime in their career end up in a fight for your life in a close quarters environment.

Check out what the class is going to cover.

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Talking with Jimmy Smith yesterday, we took a walk down memory lane discussion a High Level RedMan Training Simulation that Jimmy experienced at a circa 1985 Active Countermeasures Instructor Class. Bob Willis was in the RedMan Instructor Suit. Jimmy was in the Student Suit. They ended up under a table with Bob on the top of the pile. Jimmy is still with us so he must have fought his way out. After this experience, other close quarters confrontations must have seemed pretty mundane.

Make sure that you attend Dave Young’s class. You want to be ready for your worst day. Knowing that you have the tactics, techniques, and mindset that will allow you to survive.